11 reasons why Malta is the best destination, especially in winter

Every year, Malta’s warm summer and crystal blue sea attracts thousands of tourists (718,000 tourists in 2020 – https://www.laenderdaten.info/Europa/Malta/tourismus.php). But in my opinion, why Malta is especially worth seeing in winter and why this is a huge advantage for expatriates in particular, is something I would like to show you in this brief article.

Right. We all love the sun and the crystal blue sea of Malta. But in the summer months it can get up to 40 degrees, so apart from small shopping trips and swimming in the sea, there’s not much you can do.

Yet the small island of Malta has so much more to offer than turquoise blue sea.

No tourists

In summer, tourists flock to Malta’s small streets and beaches. In winter, on the other hand, there are almost no tourists. So you can discover Malta from a different side – no waiting, no queues and less traffic.

Authentic picture of Malta

There is also a small advantage: because in winter you will meet almost only locals and expatriates, you will have a completely different interaction with the Maltese – who are especially happy in winter when the odd tourist comes by. A little tip from me: Feel free to ask Maltese people about their country – Maltese people love their country and appreciate it very much when other nations take an interest in it.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

Hiking in Malta

You may not believe it, but Malta shines green in winter and is perfect for hiking.

The temperatures couldn’t be better for hiking: pack your walking shoes and a warm jumper and go for a walk in the sunshine at a mild 10 to 20 degrees. Explore deserted, lonely bays and enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you are looking for hiking routes, have a look here: https://www.komoot.de/guide/1877/wandern-auf-malta

I especially like the routes in the south.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

Fabulous conditions for climbing

The pleasant winter temperatures are the best conditions for climbing: sunny, not too hot and no rain. There are many opportunities for climbing in Malta. The neighboring island of Gozo also has a lot to offer. Here is a link for you with more information: http://www.gozoadventures.com/

Cheap airfares in Malta in winter

For whatever reason people are drawn to Madeira in winter. At the moment Malta still seems to be the insider tip. Flights range from 20 to 80 euros for a return flight.

Günstige Flugpreise im Winter in Malta

Low hotel prices in Malta

There are also unbeatable deals for accommodation in winter. In summer, most good hotels and flats are fully booked and quite expensive. From autumn to winter, you can get up to 50% off at the best hotels in Malta.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

Lower prices

But that’s not all – transport and restaurant meals are also much cheaper in winter. With fewer tourists coming to Malta in winter, there is naturally much less competition for places, and prices are correspondingly cheaper.

Sunsets are almost more beautiful in winter in Malta

Yes, especially in winter the sunsets and sunrises shine in a deep red. Enjoy the sunrise in the morning with a short jog in winter at half-past six (or with a coffee) and the sunset with a nice dinner.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

Explore Malta’s architecture

The great stone temple complexes on Malta are among the earliest structures of their kind in the world, long before the pyramids were built in Egypt.

This is not the only reason why Malta has a very special sense of architecture. Maltese history is a history written by many rulers and conquerors, all of whom came from different empires and different parts of the world. Therefore, Maltese culture is very diverse and mixed. So take advantage of the pleasant temperatures to learn more about Malta’s history and architecture.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

Malta’s Christmas lights

Last but not least is Malta’s incredible Christmas lights. All along the promenade, you will find elaborate Christmas lights and Christmas music. In the capital, Valletta, there is a large Christmas market – you’ll feel like you’re in Winter Wonderland – except it’s warm.

10 Gründe warum Malta insbesondere im Winter das beste Reiseziel ist

  1. Surfing in Malta

Yes, you read that correctly. Especially in winter, you can also surf excellently in Malta! Please don’t get me wrong, there are probably bigger waves in Portugal at the Algarve, but the waves in Malta are also good for surfing. Just go to Riviera Beach – there you will find a surf school from morning to night that will rent you surf equipment and advise you when the best time to surf is for your level.

Surfen in Malta

I hope you found my little list interesting, and maybe I could even persuade you to book a flight to Malta in winter.


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