The Unshell / Shell Company Directive of the EU

DWP Malta

Recently I attended a seminar of the Malta Institute of Taxation or MIT. The MIT is where all Malta tax practitioners are registered with – which made the seminar rather technical. I have a summary of the seminar available here. There have been a few milestones in tax and international tax over the last years. […]

11 reasons why Malta is the best destination, especially in winter

Every year, Malta’s warm summer and crystal blue sea attracts thousands of tourists (718,000 tourists in 2020 – But in my opinion, why Malta is especially worth seeing in winter and why this is a huge advantage for expatriates in particular, is something I would like to show you in this brief article. Right. […]

Risotto – a teenage love fairy taste tail

Risotto Philipp Sauerborn

I am sure that everyone has had a situation like this before: You are invited somewhere or are in a restaurant for a nice dinner. Maybe you came a little bit too late, and your friends have ordered for you or for all. Naturally when you are invited to someone’s house you don’t have control […]