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For a lot of businesses and clients we cannot recommend to establish a company in Malta. It’s either because of the costs for substance or because of the tax treatment under BEPS that makes a setup in Malta expensive and burdensome. The following question therefore arises rightfully: Who should setup a company in Malta? What makes a “perfect client”? This of course is a very subjective description – but it describes pretty much spot on, what we think the best client is for us and for whom Dr Werner & Partner are the best. Obviously the following is only one example.

Establishing a company in Malta – Internet nomads can profit

You’re young and you are running a business online. This could be online or affiliate marketing in particular. You are making good amounts of money and you have the potential to make much more in the future. You have only little or no costs. You are travelling already a lot or you are planning to do so in the future. You have no problem moving your permanent home or your base to Malta. You have no family or kids.

If the above describes you – congratulations, you have the potential to be a perfect client.

Living in Malta –  does this mean 183 days?

Of course not. Many of our clients who are considered “ordinarily resident” in Malta don’t spend 183 days in Malta – however they still consider Malta their “home” or their “base” – because they visit Malta regularly, they have friends here, they maintain their own household here (no, a mailbox address is not enough, it has to be a flat that belongs exclusively to them) and they have the intension to reside in Malta indefinitely. More important they don’t spend 183 days anywhere else per year of course and they don’t establish residency outside of Malta. Establishing a taxable residency varies from country to country. It is an important factor of the service of Dr Werner & Partner, when we help clients with a relocation to Malta, to make sure we identify those obstacles.

If you think the first two paragraphs sound like something you are and could do, please continue…

What benefits will a move to Malta give me?

There are two sides of this medal – but this is probably the only case, where this medal has only to GOOD sides and no bad flip side.  One the one hand, you have the sun, the sea, the food, the people, the culture, the security, the low crime, the good healthcare, the lifestyle, the nightlife – you name it – those however are the parts the we are not going to be involved in, at least professionally.

Move to Malta brings huge tax advantages

On the other Malta medal side is the tax side, and we are very, very much involved in this. Tax wise setting up a business in Malta and moving to Malta can have a huge impact.  For one, you can forget close to everything what you might have read about creating substance. YOU are the substance, that in most of the cases is enough. Secondly, as a resident of Malta you may benefit from the “NON DOM RULES” – which essentially means, correctly structured, you can achieve a tax total of 5-10% – company and personal tax combined. 100% legal and no fishy structures.

If you think you could be the perfect candidate, please contact Dr Werner & Partner today.


About Philipp M. Sauerborn

Philipp Maria Sauerborn is a certified tax advisor and expert in International Tax & Blockchain. As CEO of Dr. Werner & Partner in Malta, he has already advised over 3000 clients on their tax situation.

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