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Philipp Sauerborn

Consultant & Tax Expert from Malta

When it comes to my attitude, two quotes sum up exactly how I work:

First: No matter how many clients you have, each one is different. The day you see your customers as a mass and no longer think of the individual is the day your business begins to fall apart (Dharmesh Shah).

Second: Don’t let others convince you that an idea is good when gut tells you it’s bad (Kevin Rose).


International Tax, Investment Network and Crypto & Blockchain

International Tax

International tax laws are becoming increasingly complex. In many years that I have been working in this field, I have experienced every major tax reform.

Investment Network

My network of entrepreneurs, founders and investors is very large. I know the needs of both sides and like to connect what belongs together.

Crypto & Blockchain

As an officially licensed VFA agent, I have a deep understanding of blockchain and crypto-businesses - from a business, technical and regulatory perspective.



aPay is a crypto-startup from the Fintech sector. aPay enables its users to spend crypto-currencies in the real world, thanks to Mastercard, Visa-Card and China Unionpay Card, which are directly connected to the users' wallet.
Dr. Werner & Partner
DWP Dr. Werner & Partner is one of the leading consultancy in Malta and advises international clients about Malta as a business location.
St. Matthew
St. Matthew is a London-based tax law firm that provides international clients with advice and assistance in the field of international tax.
Ernst & Young
CEO & Co-Founder, Malta
CEO & Co-Founder, Malta
Partner, London
External employee, Zurich
External employee, Zurich

What my clients say*

Very fast

Immediate results with the quick check. Great!

Industry: Finance services
Honest consultancy

Consulting without pressuring. No need to buy something unless you want to. Very gentle.

Industry: Tax
You have to be open

You have to be ok with telling Mr. Sauerborn some very personal information, e.g. income. Ok for me, but for sure not for everyone.

Industry: Marketing
Perfect from A to Z

I am a client for a very long time now. I have never been disappointed.

Industry: IT-Consulting
Phone call helped

Very helpful phone consultation.

Industry: Mechanical Engineering

* No Namen because of privacy reasons