Tip: Three good restaurants in Malta (2021)

Drei gute Restaurants in Malta

Culinary attractions of Malta The cuisine of Malta is characterized by the Mediterranean influences of Italy and local cuisine with its traditional dishes. The various settlements also left behind culinary traces. A variety of Arabic, French and British dishes enrich the gastronomy of this island country to this day. Gillieru – Good Fish Restaurant in […]

Three tips for a successful evening in Malta

Tipps für einen gelungenen Abend in Malta

What can you do in Malta in the evening? I was asked this question by a client of the law firm Dr Werner & Partner after a consultation at our office in St Julians. And I believe that this question is relevant for many visitors to Malta, so today I would like to present three […]

St. Julians Malta: The best bars and restaurants

Beste Bars in Malta

Whenever I talk to DWP Dr Werner & Partner’s clients, the topic of free time comes up. Our clients often combine a Malta Limited business trip with family holidays, which makes sense in sunny Malta. Although I’ve already written about leisure activities, today I would like to share a few tips for those who want […]

Risotto – a teenage love fairy taste tail

Risotto Philipp Sauerborn

I am sure that everyone has had a situation like this before: You are invited somewhere or are in a restaurant for a nice dinner. Maybe you came a little bit too late, and your friends have ordered for you or for all. Naturally when you are invited to someone’s house you don’t have control […]